The leadership story in today’s organizations is very different than it was just a decade ago.
In the face of successive waves of transformational change, no longer can a few people be “the leaders” and the rest be the led. Organizations need people at every level with the ability to be leaders, to interact wisely with others, to make strategic decisions and to co-create the future. We call this Fractal Leadership.

Fractal leadership capability

Fractals are patterns found in nature that are self-similar at every scale. We help you build leadership capacity that is fractal, so people anywhere in your organization can step forward to fulfill most complex leadership roles, facilitate any kind of meeting, and use many different kinds of thinking and decision processes including strategy, tactics, project management, risk amelioration, process redesign, quality improvement, governance and more. This allows you to rest assured that there are leaders wherever-and whenever-they are needed.

We offer our Fractal Leadership program as a two-day introduction and four-day intensive with a practicum.

Today’s organizations require leaders who:
  • Deal confidently with paradox and ambiguity
  • Operate from a creative, outcome-oriented perspective
  • Leverage the new normal of complexity and accelerating change
  • Understand how organizations work systemically
  • Facilitate the activities of people working on complex, multi-party, multi-time-zone projects and programs
  • Act boldly and wisely
  • Nurture Fractal Leadership capacities in others