M&B President, Abby Straus, facilitated a workshop entitled: Unlikely Secrets of High Performing Teams at the 2019 Aging Concerns Unite Us (ACUU) Conference in Albany, NY on June 11. The event was organized by Aging NY and brought together aging service professionals from across the private, nonprofit, and public sectors.

From the workshop description:

Unlikely Secrets of High Performing Teams
5 things top teams do (and you can too) to build trust, bolster motivation and boost productivity

What can teams in aging services learn from a rugby team, the US Special Forces and a flock of birds? Plenty!

In this information-packed interactive session, you’ll learn how some of today’s most successful teams turn conventional wisdom on its head to realize outsized results. Take away practical tools you can use right now to transform the way you and your team work together.

View Abby’s presentation below. M&B is available to facilitate workshops on a wide range topics. Contact us for more information!