Organization, Leader & Team Development

Organizations and their people must now be able to “update their operating systems” on a regular basis to keep pace with change. We help you learn and implement new ways to think, act and interact to generate satisfaction and high performance. Learn more.

Strategic Planning

Nobody needs another plan. What they do need is an adaptable “living” road map to get from here to there. We help leadership teams collaborate with staff and stakeholders to create the future using a dual process of planning and implementation we call “Strategic Doing”.  Learn more.


We facilitate a wide variety of activities, including strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, board and team development and organization change. Our tools and methods help diverse groups work wisely and productively together to build relationships and get results. Learn more.

Intervention Design

We develop and deliver reliable processes to support leaders and teams in being – and doing – their best. Practical. Easy to use and apply. So everyone can do things better. Smarter. Now. Learn more.

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Human systems, such as organizations, communities, projects, teams and families, are all complex adaptive systems that learn as they develop. Unlike machines, we cannot control them or bend them to our will. But we can influence them wisely and guide their development to create the future we desire.

Some examples of our work.

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Economic Development

Complex Project Management

Non-profit & Education

Government & Defense

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