We help communities and organizations take advantage of their collective creativity and diverse points of view to design new and better futures together.

Our experience includes setting new directions for boards, public engagement for economic development and other planning processes, strategic plans for every kind of organization, fun events at conferences and retreats, roundtables to share your industry’s best practices, and team formation  to start new projects.

The tools we use play a big role. Rich Pictures and systems maps to understand the dynamics of the system. The Zing meeting system to share and shape our ideas. Polarity thinking to resolve ongoing conflicts and wicked problems and appreciate each other’s points of view. Frameworks to reframe how we think about issues. Research as inputs to the process. Thinking tools and mnemonics to stimulate our creativity. Improv to add a theatrical dimension to our work and broaden our thinking.

The benefits our our approach are:

  • Much more productive than conventional meetings
  • Everyone gets involved and enjoys the experience
  • All voices are heard and acknowledged
  • New shared knowledge is created that shapes the conversation
  • Participants easily build bridges across the boundaries their diverse perspectives
  • People become committed more readily to take action
  • Broad agreement is reached for going forward
We facilitate a wide variety of meetings and events, including:
  • Strategic planning
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Community and economic development
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Crisis management
  • Market research and focus groups
  • Change management
  • Project management
  • Leadership, teamwork and team building
  • Futures and scenario planning
  • University and school education and training
  • Workshops, seminars and retreats