Welcome to your resource page for the Own the Day workshop. Below you’ll find videos and worksheets from the course, as well as other resources you may find useful as you develop your practice as a master of time and attention.

Slides: Please click here for a PDF of the slides from the workshop.


  1. Own the Day Welcome and Prework Doc 
  2. Power of a Positive No Worksheet

Tips for Success: Please click here for some tips to help you manage your electronic world wisely to focus your attention, minimize distraction, and get things done.

Six-minute guided relaxation meditation: Scan Your Body for Relaxation

Please visit our Mindfulness page. Scroll to the bottom for the recording. Feel free to download to your device for use whenever you need a relaxing break. To save, right-click the link.

Books referenced in the course:

  1. Hyperfocus by Chris Bailey (great book on attention, focus and productivity)
  2. 10% Happier by Dan Harris (about his journey to a mindfulness practice with lots of good suggestions)
  3. Procrastinate on Purpose by Rory Vaden (more about multiplying your time)
  4. My Life as an Experiment by A. J. Jacobs

Below are videos from the course: