To our Library Colleagues…

The world as we knew it has changed. We are navigating an unprecedented global health crisis. We are also navigating  fear, fatigue and disruption. Fear can run amok in the midst of chaos.

We ask you to pause for a minute. Stop! Breathe! Inhale! Exhale! You have weathered the storm so far. Sometimes you felt overwhelmed, but you are still here. And you are thriving in the midst of enormous uncertainty.

No matter what happens next, we know that renewal is upon us. How we do libraries has changed, but what we do as libraries remain the same. We will continue to evolve, to meet the challenges ahead.

Our goal is to encourage you to shift your thoughts, albeit for a minute, and to extend a helping hand to you.

We will occasionally check in with you, to share a word of encouragement. And we may share some nuggets or insights that you can digest in ten minutes or less. We WILL NOT clutter your inbox!

We would also like to hear from you, on how we could make our engagement more meaningful for you.  We created this forum simply to energize and encourage you, as you take care of your libraries and communities.

Library doors will reopen again.

Until then, please be safe and healthy.

We are all in this together!

The M&B Library Team

Abby Straus, M.Div.   Juliet Machie Ph.D.    Greg Pronevitz, MLS    Jane Darling, MLS