Rarely does any single person make a new discovery or design a brilliant innovation. Often a dozen or more people are on the verge of a breakthrough, but each is lacking one or two pieces of the puzzle that others have found.

We help organizations and their people leverage the wisdom of the collective, to learn from each other and implement what they learn. Regularly and reliably. And we don’t just invite senior managers or supervisors, but also people from across the organization system, or systems, who are excited about innovation and making a contribution to the success of the whole.

Our roundtables are a non-political, non-competitive, collaborative environment in which individual organizations, industry associations and cross-sector groups can share knowledge and experience and innovate for the benefit of all using the Zing complex adaptive learning environment.

They feature:

  • Active representation across the boundaries of systems and sectors
  • Emphasis on practical operational issues
  • Reliable processes for powerful creativity
  • Ownership of the process by the members themselves
  • Maximum diversity of ideas for maximum innovative capacity
  • Face-to-face discussion and sense-making of real data with peers
  • Every voice is heard and recognized

We offer the following options:

  1. Total solution based on an annual membership fee that includes data gathering and analysis, planning, marketing and facilitation
  2. An ongoing Roundtable facilitation service. We work with the data analysts and conference planners of your choice.
  3. Provide you with the systems and training to run Roundtables yourselves

Examples of roundtables:

The International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM): A series of roundtables to harness the collective brainpower of major defense contractors and government agencies to better manage complex projects. Learn more.

The Health Roundtable: This not-for-profit voluntary membership organization of 150 Australian and New Zealand hospitals promotes innovation in the health sector which uses the Zing system for the exchange of views. Learn more.

Rapid Prototyping, Development and Evaluation (RPDE): This co-operative think tank in Australia comprising defense, industry and academia, uses several Zing systems to develop innovative defense capability solutions. Learn more.