Project Description
In association with our technology company Zing, we have trained over 10,000 facilitators around the word to facilitate meetings and design new methods and processes for the many and varied aspects of organization life including strategic planning, business management, innovation, leadership, learning and project management and for school and university learning.
Recent clients for whom we have trained facilitator teams include Chevron (San Francisco, USA), General Dynamics (Detroit, USA), National Health (Wales, UK), National Audit Office (London, UK), UBS (six Asian countries), BRAC (Bangladesh) pictured, UNICEF (Uganda), Management Sciences in Health (Cambridge, USA), and Aramco (Dahran, Saudi Arabia).
For example we recently trained the outreach team at Urban Growth, the State Development arm of the New South Wales Government, Australia, to help them undertake an 80 hectares revitalization project of inner Sydney. Immediately after the training Urban Growth used the Zing meeting system to conduct a series of workshops over two days with 100 business and thought leaders from around the world as part of the recent G20 summit.

Multiple in 33 countries around the world | Ongoing

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