If you’re in the innovation business – and most everyone is these days – the uncertainty can be unnerving. Yesterday, your product was a world leader. Today it’s challenged by a service or technology you never saw coming, with features you can’t believe.

We offer a model, based in the science of complexity,b that helps you make sense of , what’s going on, and a range of consulting and coaching services to help your organization develop the capacity to design and implement innovative approaches, products, services, systems and structures that are aligned with the latest emerging socio-technological stage of development. Using this approach, you can also deal successfully with declining models that continue to be in churn, harvesting what works to transcend and include.

We offer these services:

Breakthrough innovation: Develop the capacity to co-create with customers the breakthrough products and services that are better aligned with next waves of change. We help you create the foundation for your organization’s next generation of products and services, including the incorporation of “wise application of knowledge” inside metaphor and how can provide

Design thinking: Apply this collaborative methodology to identify challenges, generate ideas, prototype and test potential solutions, put in place a process and pipeline for innovation, foster a culture of inspired co-creativity and invent market redefining products and services.

New decision and learning processes: Learn reliable ways to continually develop and adopt new business models, just-in-time processes and methods. Learn how to turn mental models and “thought leader” frameworks into powerful decision methods, learning processes and simulations for playing/exploring new opportunities.

Technology transfer: We offer a technology-transfer service to all our customers during the course of an assignment.