Beyond Lean: Optimal ways to Eliminate Waste

What was originally known as the Toyota Production System (TPS) has evolved into a management philosophy and set of production practices that focuses on the use of resources to create value that a customer is willing to pay for. As Toyota became more successful around the world, interest in their processes spread. Their set of tools, […]

Interaction and Intervention Innovation

Meet Interaction & Intervention Innovation (i2), a new type of process improvement, which has joined the ranks of proven innovation methods like product, service, business process and business model innovation. This one helps people experience new ways of interacting in order to create new knowledge and innovate successfully in the midst of emergence, complexity and uncertainty, […]

Deliberate Team Formation Sets Projects Up for Success

Organizations around the world will spend $US3,300 per hire (Forbes, 2013) on recruiting yet spend just a few hundred dollars, a small fraction, on the equally important task of setting up their teams for success. Mostly the on-boarding process focuses on socializing people into an organization’s, culture, learning “how we do things around here”. But […]

Democracy in Unusual Spaces

As the facilitators of community meetings that require the use of technology many of the rooms are too big, too small, too constrained or just plain weird. The venues are often a challenge. Maverick & Boutique use the Zing collaborative meeting environment in our work. It requires a video projector, a giant shared screen (for […]

An Era of Ignorance

A decade ago, it seemed as if were on the verge of a new era, in which the wise application of knowledge would be in the ascendancy and a breakthrough to less turbulent, more reasonable, more thoughtful times was imminent. Why? Because most of us now have at our fingertips, the best available data – records, statistics, […]

New Partners in Economic Development

There’s a revolution underway in economic development across the USA. Inching its way out is the traditional real estate-focused approach to economic development and some of the $80 billion in tax breaks (NY Times, December 1, 2012) and other incentives state and local governments offer to attract new businesses and jobs. Enter stage left are new […]