This web page contains resources for TSFLP Workshop One.

Workshop Handout: This document contains all of the worksheets and breakout instructions for Workshop One. Download here.

Worksheets: Below you will find worksheets for Workshop One, Day 1 in Word format, in case you would like to do them digitally.


Miro: Here’s the invite link to the Miro board we’ve created for our Understanding NAVSEA Culture activity on Day 2: https://miro.com/welcomeonboard/LDwHihuXWxCA6LSArpIk1p7Ck2Aqk2sc24S2I6moQr6eER9p81V73bi85hek3V83

Guided meditation: You may download the guided meditation we used in the Mindfulness session here (scroll to the bottom of the page to find the recording).

Charts and Other Resources from Class: 

We’ve uploaded resources from Workshop One to this TSFLP Google folder.


During the lunch break on Day 1, please watch the following:

  • Three short videos on the 3 Vital Questions (3VQ) below [Note: The exercises contained in the 3VQ videos are not required.]

Please note that we’ve made the break 1:15 to accommodate the videos, so please enjoy your time away from your screen!