The challenge:
Faced with an ageing population, declining income levels, critical skills shortages in new industries and the lasting impact of Tropical Storm Irene, the State of Vermont hired a team of consultants including Maverick & Boutique team to develop a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) in 2013-1. Although Vermont has developed an enviable reputation for its skiing, cycling, culinary tourism, green energy, craft beer, cheeses, ice cream and chocolates, the state faces a plethora of systemic problems that can only be fixed if everyone works well together. for example sprawl eats up farmlands while brownfield sites from closed industries from a bygone era and dying downtowns remained undeveloped. the permitting process designed to protect the beautiful environment is difficult for small to medium size entrepreneurs find to navigate. Unaffordable housing contributes to the difficulty of attracting talent for emerging industries. Residents desire their energy to be “clean and green” but don” want windmills on hill tops.

What we did:
Maverick & Boutique facilitated stakeholder engagement meetings in nine regions, conducted workshops with cabinet level officials, developed some 70 initiatives in six key areas – with a strong emphasis on developing the capacity of the tourism and working landscape sector to capitalize on the trend towards consumer interest in high-value added experiences, the revitalization of villages as destinations, and developing skills in village scale government administration, green energy, agriculture, forestry, advanced manufacturing, health and IT.


The State of Vermont | 2013-2014

Project Highlights

  • 70 initiatives developed by Regional Development Corporation stakeholders and government leaders in cabinet in six key goal areas
  • Analysis of Demographic Trends, Educational Attainment, and Income Levels
  • Industry, Occupation, and Innovation Indicator Analysis
  • Market Assessment and Cluster Analysis
  • Participation and Facilitation of Regional Meetings and CEDS Committee Meetings

Project Team Partners

Camoin Associates

Garnet Consulting Services

Wadley-Donovan Growth Tech

Harold & Associates

Documents/Additional Information

Regional stakeholder meeting, designed and facilitated by M&B, produced a wealth of information that lead to the development of projects and initiatives. To view the output from these meetings, please visit:

As part of the regional meeting process, we asked participants to consider what their regions do really well that others could benefit from and what other regions do well that they might benefit from learning/importing. Here is the output from this question across all regions in the state: