Maverick & Boutique is a consulting firm that helps organizations and their people discover and implement the most effective ways to think, act and interact to achieve their goals.

We help you develop the capacity to lead from an emergent future, to “turn on a dime” when markets transform and to be adept at creating trends, so your organization is always aligned with emerging possibilities and, at the same time, continues to reap rewards from what you already do well.

Our tools and methods have been adopted by over 1500 organizations in 27 countries for use in knowledge creation, leadership and team development, classroom learning, breakthrough innovation, process improvement, community and economic development, complex project management and organization change.

Our principals are Abby Straus and John Findlay.

The sectors we serve include

  • Corporate

  • Economic Development

  • Education

  • Health Care

  • Government & Defense

  • Complex Project Management

  • Non-profit